This image is of my hands and it’s an attempt to show people what I do. I had the phone and another digital camera that was out of focus because that’s how a lot of my shots look. This is the area opposite the Edgewater gallery in Middlebury Vermont. My brother was with me that […]

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Bridport Store

I was on my back from taking picture of Cory Pratt’s father in Bridport for a commission. I just like the way the house looked from the driver’s seat of my car. That house was the market that was there before Pratt’s market came into town.

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Wall of Hats

I have a wall of hats and I wanted to show people what it looked like. I collected them over time from goodwill and I really liked the idea of a wall of funky hats. I plan to use the hats in a portrait image series in the future.

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Main St. Middlebury

Middlebury Bridge

This is one side of Middlebury, just over the bridge. This image was taken when I had a show at the local library. I took two images, one of each side of the bridge. The other side of the bridge I did in a southwestern style and this is just in my original style. I […]

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Middlebury Apartment

This is an image of my apartment before I had begun to move in. I know that when I move into a new place I will disrupt the orderly fashion of things, so I like to document the simple peace of the place to remind me of what was here before. It’s a way to […]

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Middlebury Front Porch

I’ve been an artist since I was about seven years old, more than fifty years. It used to be more of a hobby and so it was sporadic. Perspective was very difficult for me as it is for many artist. You find little tools and ways around it. After the brain injury, I used digital […]

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