Around Orwell


Digital Giclee on Canvas, 26″ x 39.5″

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I was driving around the countryside near Orwell, trying to experience the flavor of the Vermont. This is from the driver’s seat out of the car, which is where I take a lot of my pictures. It would be hard to tell this from just looking at the image. I drive my car more than I walk now. I started to take images from cars as I found myself less able to explore on foot. In some of my work I include the driver’s side mirror to give people more information. Some parts of Vermont remind me of the West because of the big expanses of sky. There is a little bit of loneliness, with people living far apart from one another. I mostly take the back roads of Vermont, large scenic areas that give me the feeling of sailing in the sea.

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Dimensions 8.5 x 11 in


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